Benziger ® Thinking Styles Assessment

Each of us has a gift in one of the four functionally specialized thinking styles. The law of dominance, that regulates the internal dynamic of our brain, tells us that, far from being born with four equally strong and available thinking styles, each of us is born with:

  • A clearly “preferred” style in which we have natural and incredible speed and efficiency. When we use that natural guidance, thinking is easier as it requires less effort.
  • Three “non-preferred” styles which we have more difficulty with since we process them more slowly and less efficiently. When we use any these styles, it consumes more of our energy as thinking becomes harder and tiresome.

The lack of understanding of our natural dominant thinking style or not accepting it causes confusion, weariness or overwhelmedness in many people when trying to deal with problems and/or blocks the possibility of carrying out a happy, healthy and effective life they’re looking for.

The Benziger report is an innovative tool that provides information about human behavior from the perspective of neuroscience. It shows the natural preferences of a person and the way these have been adapted or diverted in response to the demands of their environment.

If you wish to achieve a better performance, quality of life and wellness through your natural thinking style: The Benziger ® Thinking Styles Assessment is the answer!

¿Do you wish to know what is your natural thinking style?

¿Would you like to know about the distribution of thinking styles in your work team?


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